Guest Post: Valentine’s Day Cop-Out

Guest Post from the Wife

Let me first say, I may not be the norm in this.  However, I don’t feel the need to really celebrate Valentine’s Day the way American Greeting Cards tells me to.  I just don’t understand the need to show your love on just one day of the year, especially at marked up prices, and if your significant other of several years doesn’t get you something it’s the end of the relationship (Like this Pearls before Swine comic).   It’s like saying, ‘you can force me to live in an emotional vaccum 364 days of the year but as long as I get a card and flowers on Valentines Day it’s alright.’

I will confess that back in the day when the hubby and I started dating, sure, I wanted to get flowers and a card and a nice dinner.  But this was more of a way of creating a feeling of security in our relationship – i.e. this guy is willing to spend some money on me, so he must like what we have going on – than anything else. 

My hubby was on his first deployment during our third Valentine’s Day and we were still a month away from getting engaged so I e-mailed him that I didn’t want him to send me flowers for Valentine’s, though I would like a sappy e-mail near the day and flowers at some point.  He e-mailed me back – are you sure?  I said of course I am, I don’t need overpriced flowers on one day a year to know you care.  He took this matter to his shipmates, who said she’s just testing you and of course she wants flowers.  He believed them, and I got flowers on Valentine’s Day.  I then e-mailed him many thanks and praises for the beautiful flowers, but to not waste that much money on a one day mark-up again!  And since then he never has.

Point is, when you’re in a committed relationship and feel secure in that relationship and of the other person’s feelings, you don’t need a big spending occasion to make you feel complete.  This most recent Valentines we had a nice dinner at home and opened a nice bottle of wine…and that’s it.  Who needs February 14th when Valentine’s Day can last all year?