Marriage can be a beautiful thing.  I say ‘can’ because all too often it’s not.  Couples grow distant, their passions die, they do hurtful things, and marriages fail.  Just ask the nearly 50% of failed couples in America.  While there are many reasons offered to explain the declining role of marriage in American life, one overlooked aspect is what I consider to be the near-constant assertion that marriage is somehow a bad thing.  Too often throughout the day happily married couples are subjected to the idea that marriage is bad and that anyone who is married has sacrificed too much freedom for too little reward.  Whether it’s watching dysfunctional marriages fall apart on TV or listening to their single friends lie about how great their single life is, married men get worn down by this near-constant barrage and without some sort of support it’s easy to start believing that marriage is not a good thing.  The goal of these posts is to provide you with some insights I’ve gained that have allowed me to understand just how wonderful marriage can be as well as the sort of things one needs to do to keep that ‘newlywed’ spirit alive long after the wedding.  Hopefully these observations will help reinforce your faith in your own decision to get married as well as provide insight into how you can make your marriage stronger.  After all, the stronger your marriage the easier it is to defend against the anti-marriage hoards we encounter so often throughout the day.

Published on October 28, 2009 at 2:52 pm  Comments (2)  

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  1. I enjoyed the articles I read on your site. Thanks for giving the endangered species, the Bachelor, a good impression of the afterlife, aka Marriage.

    I will share your website on my Twitter. Please continue the good work!

    Ethan Bishop

    • Thanks for the comment and publicity! I enjoy your site and find a lot of great insight in your articles. Your site was part of my inspiration for writing ‘Art of Marriage’ and I think a lot of the points you bring up are applicable to the married man as well as the bachelor, and that if more people followed them, more people would find marriage to be a good thing.

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