Become her Cary Grant


The leading man's leading man, this is who you should strive to be...within reason!

In you’ve never seen nor heard of Cary Grant, stop what you are doing right now and go and rent a couple good Cary Grant movies, because this is the man against which ALL OTHER MEN ARE JUDGED!!!  Even if your wife has never heard of Cary Grant, believe me when I say that this is the man she wants you to be.  Cary Grant was an actor who worked throughout the 1930’s to the 1960’s and he is considered to be the epitome of the Hollywood leading man.  Every other leading man in Hollywood from George Clooney to Brad Pitt is inevitably compared to Cary Grant.  Charming, unbelievably handsome, witty, Cary Grant personified every single trait that women associate with a good husband.  It is no exaggeration to say that our idea of what defines a man was in many ways solidified by Cary Grant.  If you want to ensure a long and happy marriage, you need to identify what characteristics of Cary Grant you can emulate and then work your hardest to embody those characteristics as often as possible.  Now, there is an important caveat here because there were two sides to Cary Grant – the screwball romantic comedy Cary Grant and the drama/thriller/straight comedy Cary Grant.  Do not be the screwball romantic comedy Cary Grant.  I say this because the screwball romantic comedy Cary Grant was always the butt of every joke and was characterized by indecisiveness, wimpishness, and plain old buffoonery, and while entertaining to watch, these are bad traits to try and emulate.  Good examples of which Cary Grant not to be include Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House, My Favorite Wife and Bringing up Baby.  While these are great movies and worth watching, they are not indicative of the sort of husband you want to be.  You want to be the drama/thriller/straight comedy Cary Grant.  This Cary Grant was defined as romantic, intelligent, worldly, daring, capable, and reliable.  Good examples include North by Northwest, To Catch a Thief and Philadelphia Story.  Just remember that while you should strive to emulate Cary Grant as often as possible, keep in mind that he was an actor who off the screen had a rather sordid personal history so don’t kill yourself trying to live up to his standard.  The character of Cary Grant was more of an idealistic version of what a man can be, rather than an attainable goal.  After all, even Cary Grant once remarked, “Not even Cary Grant can be Cary Grant all the time.”


Learn how to serve drinks


A scene from "The Thin Man." Now that man knew how to mix a drink (and he got Myrna Loy as a result!)

Few things are more enjoyable or charming for a woman than coming home from a long, hard day at work, walking in the door, and finding you in the kitchen busily preparing her favorite drink. It conjures to mind images of 1940s glamour where every house came with a fully equipped bar and every man knew how to make his wife a good stiff drink. Now when I say ‘fix her a drink’ I don’t mean reaching into the fridge for whatever leftover beer you’ve got lying around. Any schmoe can crack open a beer, but it takes a loving husband to take the time to learn how to mix a cocktail. And no, that jungle juice crap you made in college does not count as a cocktail! A good cocktail, aside from helping your wife relax, serves the important purpose of showing your wife that you have moved on from the days when knowing how to fill a red plastic cup from a keg without too much foam was considered the height of class. Learning how to make a few simple cocktails will send a message to your wife that your sense of charm is maturing in a way that is appropriate for a married man. If your wife prefers beer to alcohol, fear not, just make sure that you buy good beer and serve it to her in a glass that you keep in the freezer, thereby ensuring the beer is nice and cold for her to enjoy. Regardless of what she prefers, the point is to make sure you serve it to her in a way that shows her that you are a sophisticated and caring guy, who just happens to know how to make a killer cocktail.

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