Stake out your territory

I hate the term ‘man cave.’  It implies that the woman has taken up every single square foot of the house and has made it such an unpleasant place for the man to be that he has no choice but to retreat to some hollowed out hole in search of refuge.  It’s terms like these that contribute to the idea that marriage is bad.  If you want a happy marriage you don’t need a mancave, you simply need to stake out your territory from the start.  I’m not saying you should draw a line down the center of the house but you do need to make sure that your wife isn’t designing a house that will make you want to puke every time you come home.  In most cases women are much more attuned to home decorating than men, which puts men at a distinct disadvantage when it comes times to move in together.  Whereas the woman will look at a piece of furniture and question whether it matches the existing sofa, wall colors and overall aesthetic feel of the room, a man will simply ask if it reclines.  This makes it difficult for men because they feel completely overmatched by women when it comes to home décor so rather than argue in favor of what they want, they simply give in, and give in, and give in, until one day they realize they are surrounded by pastels and have no choice but to seek refuge in the garage.  The key to ensuring that your home design incorporates elements that you find enjoyable is to educate yourself on the basics of home decorating, that way when she starts talking about flow, texture and accents, you’ll be able to engage her in conversation, counter her points, offer up your own, and arrive at a mutually beneficial compromise.  As with most things in marriage, TLC is a great place to start.  Simply tune into any show on home decorating and I guarantee that within one hour you’ll learn everything you need to know about ‘defining a room,’ ‘establishing a theme,’ and ‘identifying function.’  That said, once you enter into the home decorating arena you had better be prepared for combat because she is going to expect you to play at the same level as she does.  If her childhood dolls are all expensive collectors items you had better make sure that your G.I. Joe toys are in their original packaging!

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